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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Choosing a photo restoration artist

Confused about choosing the right photo restoration artist?

Here’s an overview of what you need to consider when determining which photo restoration artist fits your needs.
First, you must understand just what a quality of restoration is.

When visiting various web sites, check for the following:

• Look for multiple examples of photo restorations, with varying degrees of difficulty.

• Compare ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos. The quality and detail of the image should be prominent in the ‘After’ image. Things to look for are skin tone, color and hair. Skin tone should be deep, rich with naturalistic variation. Enlarged photo samples give a clear picture of the restoration work done than a smaller one.

• Find out if the restoration services own their own professional restoration studio . . . or whether they outsource their work to others. Although cheaper, outsourcing has many obvious disadvantages, like loss of jobs in the USA, communication problems between the company you order from and the company actually providing the service, other problems can arise, like missed deadlines, privacy issues, and  inferior results.

Once you are done with quality checks, look for cost benefits, mode of payment etc.

• Most service providers charge according to the severity of the damage, starting from $30. Some also offer instant quote on receiving the original image or free estimate depending on the nature of restoration.

• It is wiser to opt for money back guarantee if they offer one.

• Check if they provide any reworks free of charge.

• Confirm if the cost includes print and shipment or just the digital image only. Most consumers now prefer to take a restore image to a "local" lab and save money on costly prints and shipping from a restoration service.

• Look for any bonus or discount system being offered, such as discounts for multiple restoration orders.

Next to Quality and Cost, do not ignore Personalized Customer Service and Customer satisfaction and of course Confidentiality.

• Check for easy uploading process and site navigation.

• Check whether they ask for your print options like size and matt effect.

• Check if they have any restored image – approval process.

• Do not forget to check references or testimonials on the type of services offered.

Initially you can restore one image to check the quality of restoration, their service, and cost. In this way you can save money and even avoid disappointments. With the advent of latest digital technology for photo restoration, combined with a professional photo restoration expert nothing seems complicated. So, Happy Photo Restoration with the best photo restoration artist.

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